I was recently asked to do an interview for the blog VisualHumor. Needless to say I was quite honored. Now, I will shamelessly reblog that interview that explains a little more about Spite wall and myself. Many thanks to Ted at VirtualHumor.




I follow his cartoons, and finally decided I had to write and learn more about Ray Kelly.

I must say, he was quite generous with his time and comments. I asked many questions and he answered them. I asked if he could pick some favorite cartoons and add some comments, and he did. If I had gone to the ‘about’ tab on his blog, some of my questions would have been answered. So, check out the blog and click on’ about’ for questions I forgot to ask.  He launched into more detail with another cartoon blogger about layers, and software, and technique, which I kind of followed along, but if you are serious about web cartooning, or commercial illustrating, you will find their discussion quite helpful.

First, from his site,

Ray Kelly, author, owns a small sign shop in central Montana. I have been a frustrated cartoonist…

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About ArKay

Arkay is a cartoonist and illustrator who lives in central Montana. Illustrator of three published children's books. Loving, husband, father and grandfather. Please contact: esigns.rk@gmail.com

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  1. 1537 says:

    The man’s clearly a cold-eyed deviant and murderer … That picture was the other guy, wasn’t it? … Oh.

  2. Lynn Ensley says:

    Cool pic and interview! Thanks for sharing!


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